NEW MUSIC VIDEO Matthew Perry Project [Moonlight] ft. Sebastiano Serafini

Sebastiano Serafini boarding Matthew Perry

Music: Matthew Perry
Co-Compose: Ricky (genesis12)
Arrangement: Lars Rettkowitz
Lyricsr: Sebastiano Serafini
Director: Sebastiano Serafini & Digitalmakeup
Animator/Editor: Sebastiano Serafini & Digitalmakeup
Collaborator: Beniamino Fenzi
Dancer: Yuri Nakagawa
Cameraman: Fabian Parkes
Styling: SML


All produced by Matthew Perry
Powered by Platinum Production


Sebastiano Serafini – When the Night kills the Day



Sebastiano Serafini – When the Night Kills the Day (feat. Yu Phoenix) on iTunes now



We are dead
to the world
without eyes
breaking free from the chains of mind
cause we are the fallen


We arise,
Suffocating under the storm
A new era is starting once again
No more unspoken lies

It is time,
Can you feel it deep inside
When the fire is rising in the dark of night
With blazing eyes
Can you feel it inside

We`re rising, Let`s face it all
When the night kills the day
We`re rising, We can change it all
When the night kills the day

Let it go,
Up to the stars far above,
Tearing down the sky of a plastic life
Chasing our freedom

Bring it on,
Put your heart right on the line,
Don´t be scared to lose and just set your sign
We became alive

When the night kills the day
We run once again
RUN… Yeah We RUN!
When the knight kills the day

Sebastiano Serafini (
Yamauchi Ai (

Director: Sebastiano Serafini
Screenwriter: Sebastiano Serafini
Video Editing: Max Rambaldi AKA Digitalmakeup (
Drone: The Matleys (
Cameraman: Fabian Parkes (, Anthony Knight
Makeup Artist: Chie Hidaka
Costume: Kaori Mitsuki (Meetskiss)
Accessories: Fifth Avenue Jewellers, SWAROVSKI, Crystal Jewelry by Gintoki シルバーアクセサリー 銀時原宿本店 (

Lyrics: Sebastiano Serafini, Yu Phoenix, Lars Rettkowitz
Composer: Lars Rettkowitz, Sebastiano Serafini, Yu Phoenix
Arrangement/Mixing: Lars Rettkowitz
Voice: Sebastiano Serafini
Guitar: Yu Phoenix
Video Producer: Sebastiano Serafini (

The Matleys, Mattia Rissone, Spontania MASSATTACK, Matteo Scotton.


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