Sebastiano Serafini 032 – I am strong because I’ve been weak I am fearless because I’ve been afraid / wearing 99percentis, EXIST

The only reason that you are where you are today is because of your development over time. It is important not to live in the past but we must also be aware that our experiences are part of who we … Continue reading

Sebastiano Serafini 027 – In life, you’ll meet 2 kinds of people. The ones who build you up and the ones who tear you down. In the end, you’ll thank them both – wearing 99percentis, EXIST

There are many people in life that will choose to tell you what exactly your life is about and why you need to do what they are doing to get ahead. There are some people with really great wisdom, who … Continue reading

Sebastiano Serafini @ HOLLYWOOD OSCAR + TOKYO COLLECTIONS FASHION WEEK / wearing 99percentis, EXIST, Christian Dada

Lemme just say that I had a great time… Here you can see some of the BEST PHOTOS: You can find Sebastiano Serafini on Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Google + and Youtube as well.