Sebastiano Serafini MUSIC VIDEO: Don’t Say

Sebastiano Serafini [DON’T SAY] Official Lyrics Music Video featuring MAX RAMBALDI.

[DON’T SAY] it will be soon released on iTunes & Amazon ! ! !

Don’t say you miss me
when you never answer my phone calls
And I know you’re there, yeah I know you’re there

don’t say you love me
When you never make it to be with me
and I’m waiting here, yeah I’m waiting here

It’s me, I’m standing at your door
with my heart for you
It’s me, I’m crying in the rain
and I don’t know what to do
what to do

Don’t say it’s my fault
when you never acted like you cared for me
And I turned away, yeah I turned away
Don’t say you need me
when you always break your promises
and you went away, yeah you went away

– 歌詞 –
ねぇ “会いたい”って
そう いつも言葉ばかりで
着信も 意味もなく

No “大好き”って
そう 僕に触れる仕草も
感情も ここに無く

そうさ ドアの前で
ずっと 雨に打たれ

ねぇ “ごめん”なんて
そう 口癖のある君を
辿る程 道も無く

No “必要”って
そう 求められること
約束と 共に去る

そうさ 待ち続けた
ずっと 何もできず
what to do

そうさ ドアの前で
ずっと 雨に打たれ

Director/Illustration/Animation: Max Rambaldi AKA Digitalmakeup
Lyrics: Sebastiano Serafini & Mark Stein
Japanese Text: Kumiko Arai (荒井久美子)
Composer: Mark Stein
Arrangement/Mixing: Lars Rettkowitz
Producer: Sebastiano Serafini & Mattia Rissone
Music Producer: Sebastiano Serafini


3 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini MUSIC VIDEO: Don’t Say

  1. Bellissime entrambe le versioni! 💙❤️ Dì la verità… non sapevate quale scegliere tra le due e avete deciso di caricarle entrambe! Ah ah… bravi entrambi!!! Un abbraccio, Seba! 👋🏻😊

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