Sebastiano Serafini – BEST OF 2014

BEST OF 2014

I’ve got to visit Malaysia and Thailand

20140415-170624.jpg 20140221-115826.jpgFebruary:
I’ve joined ECTHELION!

I was invited to Hollywood to attend many Oscar Parties wearing christian dada & 99%is



I was featured on MTV and I had my first tour with Ecthelion around Japan.
I’ve attened Givenchy opening, LIMI FEU fashion show and more fashion events.

I was featured as main model for Gintoki this year as well and I’ve released my first single with Ecthelion

I went to Italy, France and Germany.
In Cologne I’e recoreded my first 2 solo song! I’ve shoot for I’m italian while in Milan and more modelling Job in Paris.

I went to HONG KONG! I’ve shooted my first music video featuring many of my friends: Hikaru Cho, Yukimi, Minori, Show, Nimo, Yuki, Amihamu, Mitsuhiro Higuchi, Dubby Bunny, Kizasi and more! Also I did a music video with my japanese band.

I went to Taihiti and Guam! I was attending Joy Rich party and more…


I went to Kore also I’ve attened seversal events during Tokyo Fashion Week! I’ve met Tim Burton while he was in Tokyo!

IMG_6020 IMG_6324 IMG_6419 IMG_6461Nov:
I’ve released my first solo song FALLEN and FALLEN RE/MIX on iTunes & Amazon!
ONE-MAN Concert with Ecthelion @ Shibuya O-WEST in Shibuya! Event: GQ!

I’ve released 2 music video: FALLEN and FALLEN RE/MIX on YouTube + I’ve released my 2nd single NEVER WALK ALONE! I went to Germany to record new songs and in italy to visit my family and some new project ;


4 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini – BEST OF 2014

  1. E stato un anno pienissimo di cui devi andare solo che fiero!!! Ed il prossimo sarà ancora meglio!!! Me lo sento ed in ogni caso te lo auguro, perché sei un ragazzo in gamba e un cantante eccellente!!! 😉
    Ti ammiro molto, Seba! Te l’ho già detto e ripetuto… continuerò a farlo! 😉
    Un abbraccio forte forte!!!

  2. To be honest *sigh* i dont understand some of your song. I bought it (using some people’s buying service since i dont have credit card because the minimum age for having a cc is 25 and im still 21…well almost 22). Please use “simple words” next time seba. Like “i love you” or something romantic since most of your fans…uhm…i mean almost 98% of your fans are girls..make them swoon with your charm, baby 😉

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