Sebastiano Serafini – Life goes on whether you move with it or not

Life goes on… Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been.


Sometimes when we are trying to act as though we have moved on from a situation, a person, ill feelings, or an event in our past we refuse to believe that we really still care. It is very important to note that when you are still willing to talk about something, especially if it is in a negative connotation, then chances are that you still care about it in some fashion deep down. In order to truly be over something in their past they must gather no feelings or sentiments when they think about it, or talk about it.

In order to move on from something of his or her past one has to change his way of thinking, and his or her actions when the subject matter seems to come up in their lives. In other words, dont speak negatively of things or people of your past, when you think about them wish them well, and then think about how great your life is now, and how great the people and things in your life at this point are helping to make it this way. Live your life looking and moving forward, instead of looking backwards and standing still.

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2 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini – Life goes on whether you move with it or not

  1. Ciao, Seba!
    Vero, parlare troppo di una cosa passata significa non averla superata del tutto: solo nel momento in cui smettiamo di interrogarci con i “se” allora potremmo dire di aver guardato avanti.
    Se in un primo momento o in una determinata situazione è giusto fare paragoni e analizzare ciò che ci è successo da un’altra prospettiva in un secondo momento questo arriva ad assomilgliare troppo ad un ripensamento e quindi è necessario darci un taglio… d’altronde non si vive nel passato, no?
    Bye bye!!!

  2. These are thoughts that have practical application for anyone with issues to work through. I find that sometimes, especially if I have been hurt deeply, that it is almost impossible to let go completely. The best I could do was to make up my mind to act as if the hurt was over and make sure my feelings did not show.

    My greatest hurt came from a family member who was very important to me, a person who I had always felt loved me unconditionally. After she hurt me, she had remorse. She never did apologize, but she told other family members she had behaved badly and she didn’t think I would forgive her.

    I made up my mind to forgive and to act as if she had never hurt me. I didn’t want her to live with guilt, so I went out of my way to act loving to her, but inside, I have never been able to let the hurt go. I have lost my ability to trust anyone 100%. The situation showed me a sad truth about humanity.

    But, I never give up hope of serenity, of making true peace with this, but it happened about 25 years ago. I appreciate reminders that this is something I still need to work on. Hopefully, because you are in touch with these ideas at such an early time in your life, you will be better prepared to weather life’s storms.

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