Sebastiano Serafini [The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow]

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. -Robert Tew


Though in life we struggle, we must not give our focus to the struggle, instead we should look at the benefits of the struggle. Living a blessed life doesn’t mean that a person will live without any controversy or without anything to overcome. Living a blessed life is about being able to overcome the thought of everything that can be a distraction in your life by being able to see nothing but what you have been blessed with. Doing this requires a person to dig really deep, to even notice that they are blessed, but this is truly the only way to live.

Remember that everything you think is what will play out in reality so you have to be willing to change each negative thought into a positive one. Change your mind about life if all that you think about is struggling. Be open to believing in hope again, and be thankful for all of the small things that help you along in life.

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Photo: Takahiro Pierre Kikuchi
Model: Sebastiano Serafini
Stylist: Syuhei Kai
MOA: Sayaka Atoguchi


4 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini [The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow]

  1. “You have to be willing…” very good point. Being open to the positive, believing it can happen, letting go of the “victim” mindset, choosing to act rather than remaining passive. 🙂

  2. Ciao, Seba!
    Post molto veritiero… bisogna scavare a fondo, mooolto in fondo prima di riuscire a cambiare punto di vista, ma farlo fa’ davvero vedere tutto sotto un’altra prospettiva…
    Spero davvero che di persone che si aspettano di vivere una vita senza controversie ne siano rimaste poche, e non perché non sarebbe bello, ma semplicemente perché è qualcosa di irreale… un’utopia che, se seguita, da solo delusioni… invece, sarebbe molto meglio – come hai scritto tu – imparare a seguire uno stile di vita che trasforma ogni cosa negativa in positiva!
    Ciao, ciao! Un abbraccio forte forte!!!

  3. You’re right. Life is not easy for me in this moment, bad period. The struggle is my daily.
    In the same time, I think to become more stronger and I want stay postive. Keep hope is very very very important, because it allows of never give up and continue to think I’m bless to be alive and enjoy each moments.

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