Sebastiano Serafini [When we have each other we have everything] wearing CELINE – iamitalian –

When we have each other we have everything.


As people we must come to a realization that if we ever want to make it to wherever we truly desire on going to fulfill our dreams that we must do so with the help of other people. Though it may feel easy to say that most of your success is attributed to you and your hard work, there are always people along the way that help inspire us, and though their roles may only seem minor, most times it is hard to see how much somebody really helped you until you get on top.

That is why the quote “when we have each other we have everything” holds to be so true. Without the others we dont really have anything, but when we have a shoulder to lean on, and somebody to help us take a step up we have everything we need to function and to succeed in our lives, to achieve success, and to overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way from doing so. Never be too proud or too ashamed to use others for help, and always be willing to help and be there for others who need you as well.

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Model: Sebastiano Serafini
Photographer: Giulia Fugatti
Sunglasses: Céline (iamitalian)
Wardrobe: John Lawrence Sullivan


5 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini [When we have each other we have everything] wearing CELINE – iamitalian –

  1. I really, really like this post today. It reminded me of so many people who have been there for me.

    There is one in particular who holds an important place in my heart. We were best friends for 25 years. We grew up together, raised children together, learned so much about life together. And then, so, so sadly she passed away 12 years ago on 7.23 02. (Asthma attack) Though there is an empty place in my heart, she left a legacy of warm memories, abiding love, and shared wisdom. There can never be another quite like her, but as I go through my days, I see glimpses of her spirit in those around me. When I recognize her in others, it is a bitter-sweet thing…it touches on the longing of loss, but brings with it the carress of past joy and serenity.

    Regardless of the time or depth of interaction we share, those who touch our lives each leave their mark on us in some way.

    Sharing optimism is a gift. Encouraging appreciation and gratitude is a gift that will continue to lift up and benefit the one who bestows it along with the one who receives it. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Ciao, Sebastiano!
    Bellissimo post… quando ho iniziato a scrivere credevo che sarebbe stato un altro fallimento dei miei, ma mi sono resa conto che sbagliavo grazie alle persone attorno a me: ho trovato nuove amicizie tramite questa passione e ho anche ritrovato amicizie che avevo perso lungo la strada: è stato bellissimo; ho avuto supporto e dolcezza da tutti i fronti.
    E’ giusto cercare di avere qualcosa che sia solo nostro, ma nessuno può arrivare molto lontano da solo.
    E spesso il bene che facciamo qua e là ci torna indietro quando meno ce lo aspettiamo!
    Ah… posso aggiungere una cosa?
    Tra le persone di cui ti ho parlato… ci sei anche tu!
    Un abbraccio, Sebastiano!

  3. I understood it from incident i met yesterday.
    I always think it’s normal that everyone have big dream. they support together. example people around me and my friends. Until yesterday i met some incident. i supported friends. we support together and we believe everything is possible if we do it. the youngest think that. we never think we’r stranger. but sometime has someone made us sick. that’s ok if we didn’t know them well but it’s not. This is true!

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