Sebastiano Serafini [Believe in yourself and all that you are]

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.


Real conquerors are not oblivious that their enemies and that challenges are present in their lives, they just choose not to look at them because there are more important things to set their eyes upon when a person is looking to achieve greatness.

Sure, obstacles are frightful, so try not to stare at them. When you give in to fear, you do just that, give in. Instead of giving in to your fears, give in to your faith, believe and receive the greatness inside of you, and no goal that you set your eyes upon will be a goal that is unattainable to you.

Be courageous, and persevere through the pain that life brings when you are trying to make something special happen in your life and in the life of others. Remember you are going to make mistakes, your life isnt perfect and never will be, continue to give your all anyway. Never let anything stand in the way of you achieving real happiness!

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2 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini [Believe in yourself and all that you are]

  1. Ciao, Sebastiano!
    Accidenti… in questi giorni mi sono persa un mucchio di post fantastici… perdonami!
    Ma quello che sto’ facendo è proprio… QUESTO!
    Sto andando a fare errori e cedendo alle speranze più che alle paure… è incredibile, ma mi hai spiato???
    Grazie sempre per questi post… sai, ci sono alcune frasi che ho imparato a memoria e le ripeto a me stessa nei momenti di sconforto! Danno davvero una grande forza!
    Un abbraccio forte forte, Sebastiano!

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