Sebastiano Serafini [Go the extra mile it’s never crowded]

Going the extra mile will take you much further in life than you potentially thought you might have been able to go. One principle in life that is simple to understand once we are willing to do it on a habitual basis is that working hard will always pay off. Never think that the extra work you are doing that nobody seems to notice in the moment won’t pay off, because if you continue to operate with this attitude and mindset, it always will.


Nothing can stop your shine if you don’t allow it to. So go the extra mile today. Be that first person in the office making coffee, and that last person in the office that tells the Janitorial Staff that you will be locking up the building. Be that athlete that is there before everyone else is at practice, and that stays after to work on your individual skills you noticed may have not been up to par in practice. Be the best that you can in everything that you do, go the extra mile!

You can find Sebastiano Serafini on Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Google + and Youtube as well.


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