Sebastiano Serafini [Take Chances, Make Mistakes] wearing Marc Jacobs, HAIDER ACKERMANN, John Lawrence Sullivan, Sebastiano Serafini Design

“Take at least one. A chance.”


Taking chances is one of the hardest aspects of life not only to understand, but may also be difficult to actually use effectively as well. Taking a chance is leaving a safety net and stepping out into the unknown. Sometimes the unknown is better than where you were before, and sometimes it simply isn’t. Taking chances though is absolutely necessary to advancing in life.


Without doing so we would never make our lives better than before, our lives would simply be at a stand still. There are many ways that you can take chances throughout your day in order to change. From accepting a new job, or to buying a different kind of soft drink at the gas station, the smallest decisions to the biggest decisions change our lives everyday directly and indirectly. Make sure that your life is full of taking chances and calculated risks, in order to maximize growth and success.

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5 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini [Take Chances, Make Mistakes] wearing Marc Jacobs, HAIDER ACKERMANN, John Lawrence Sullivan, Sebastiano Serafini Design

  1. Ciao, Sebastiano!
    Waaaa, mi sono soffermata su quel “accettare un nuovo lavoro, o comprare una nuova bibita alla stazione di benzina” perché sei riuscito con un due esempi semplicissimi a spiegare un gran bel concetto: tutto quello che è nuovo ci cambia, semplicemente perché è qualcosa che scopriamo per la prima volta ed impariamo per sempre.
    Una cosa del genere mi è capitata Giovedì… ho corso il rischio, ho provato, ho fatto la mia figuraccia, ma adesso so.
    E non me ne pento!
    Un abbraccione!!!

  2. Taking chances in life is one of the best thing we can do , if we don’t do that we couldn’t get those goals we proposed.
    Even it is scary sometimes we need it, to grow, and make incredible things with your life, to escape of the routine, and yes, to challenge ourselves….
    So, taking chances is the best thing we can do in this life that The Lord gave us !
    So don’t be scared , but be curious and brave ^^ greeting, and kisses from ARGENTINA , always support you Seb, at each step, with your individual and group projects, you know I’ll always be with you~~~peace, love and GOD BLESS your life

  3. taking chances, eh? i already taking chances but sometimes might not as smooth as what i want….sometimes i just want to “ironing” my problem like i’m “ironing” my clothes. Go Seba Go! ^_^

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