Sebastiano Serafini 040 – Enjoy the little things in life – wearing Casely-Hayford, John Lawrence Sullivan, Piece D’Anarchive

Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things

There are many times in which we take the little things in life for granted, and forget to look at the tiniest of details to allow ourselves to realize how great our lives really are. There are so many extraordinary parts of life, if we just take a little bit of extra time to notice that things really are extraordinary.


Really living life is partly enabled by a person being able to be appreciative of the little things. The small miracles of life are what make our lives the lives we have now. Being able to appreciate the little things is a basic need of every human being so that we can really live our lives to the fullest. When we are grateful for the smallest things in life, we can be given more and more because we will know how to care for it. The mind of a person with appreciation for life in the forefront of it will always attract the best in life to themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 040 – Enjoy the little things in life – wearing Casely-Hayford, John Lawrence Sullivan, Piece D’Anarchive

  1. Some of my happiest moments have been the simplest…walking, seeing a bluebird, hearing a song, hearing someone laugh, seeing wildflowers beside a path, feeling sand beneath my feet and hearing the sound of waves washing up along the shore, holding a sleeping baby or snuggling pet, sitting quietly and reading while my best friend sits across the room killing things on his computer. 🙂 Those are the best things in life.

  2. Ciao, Sebastiano!!!
    Che posso dirti questa volta?
    Hai riassunto la mia filosofia di vita in un unico post! Eh eh…
    Anzi, dato che domani uscirà il singolo, c’è una cosa che voglio assolutamente dirti: sono felicissima per te!
    “Che monotona” penserai, però… è così!
    Non smetterò mai di dire che te lo meriti, e ti auguro che questo sia il primo di tanti, taaaanti brani che rilascerai!
    Un abbraccione!!!!!

    Ps: ma tu sempre con il logo con il cuore vai a finire, eh? 😉

  3. The little things in life are often the most important and don’t cost nothing.
    Sometimes those little things we seem so ordinary, and yet we must appreciate to each moments; nothing is ever eternal and we should not take the risk of losing what is most precious for us.

  4. i think i dont need to forget…i am forgetful already. lol xD . if i become more forgetful it will be like “uh….so…who am i ?” lol

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