Sebastiano Serafini 037 – The notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary / wearing UEG, Rick Owens

When we settle for being regular and normal, we lose out on the chance to show the world how incredible we really are. We must be willing to take risks in life and live as who we really are at our hearts level, instead of living as who the world wants us to be. In order to live our lives to the fullest we must live them as ourselves.


We must be willing to find out who we are, the things that we are passionate about, and the dreams and goals that we have for our lives, and then go after them as if there is no tomorrow because truthfully there may not be. If you have been living life, as the world wants you to, consider today the first day of the rest of YOUR life, and make a pledge to yourself and the people in your life that from now on you are going to show the world who you are, instead of living as who the world wants you to be!

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7 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 037 – The notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary / wearing UEG, Rick Owens

  1. Ciao, Sebastiano!
    Mi piacciono un sacco le tue allegorie ed il tuo ottimismo, hai un bellissimo modo di descrivere quello che vuoi dire, sono sempre più colpita da te e da come ragioni!
    Oltre ad essere completamente d’accordo sul fatto che bisogna essere se stessi e non come gli altri ci vorrebbero! 😉
    Un abbraccio e ancora un’imbocca al lupo per domani! 😉

  2. Seems so easy in words…
    it takes a really long time to get a slight change..a slight change that isn’t even worth half of the hard work that has been done to make..

    While it’s impossible to put the whole world that i’m living in aside and go along with what i want only..
    it’s right though..that we should stop living like what everyone else want us to..but
    what if they are right and the way i am is whats wrong,,
    so i’ll have to stick to what they say and save the time that i’m going to spend regretting some wrong choices,,
    regretting that i spent it in going through something that isn’t
    going to work to begin with…
    and then..if i listened to the right thing in time..even if i don’t see it the way they do at then,,
    i’d definitely save myself a lot..^^>

    Anyway,,over dreaming would be a problem..some of dreams are impossible to make true,,,though dreaming it over and over..will make it seem close to come true,,
    though its not going to change the fact that it is impossible in the real world..

    though i know that..i’m not going to stop hoping my impossible dreams to come true..^^;;

    • It would be wonderful if you could embrace who you are. There can be reasons to remain hidden, such as if it effected your ability to support yourself, or if it hurt others, or if it would get you into legal trouble. Consider the ramifications of your choices, but remember to take into account the good trade-offs for those choices as well. Look at the benefits of being who you want to be measured up against the costs. The pinch of those costs often fade and mellow with time. In fact, the anxiety of anticipating a change can be worse than the reality of bringing it about.

      And there is nothing wrong with taking small steps…move in the right direction, if only incrementally, and you will begin to feel happier, more hopeful and more confident that you can accomplish the things you dream.

  3. yeah but its hard to be extra-ordinary when no one support your dream and be there to loving you….i feel lonely in this big world…kinda…

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