Sebastiano Serafini 024 – Don’t Miss The Sun Today Worrying About The Rain Coming Tomorrow –

Worrying may be defined as the act of the word worry, which is essentially to be at uneasiness in your life, because of feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. A person, who worries for the majority of their lives, is a person that probably will not be able to accomplish much. It is natural for every single one of us to worry about things in our life, but when we let our worries and our fears take over our lives, we put our ability to put things into action aside.


Those who worry less tend to be those who take advantage of opportunities, and also tend to be able to see a risk for what it is and are more apt to decide whether or not to take the risk or not. Those who take more risks are more able to receive more since they left their worries and fears behind them, and made the best out of each situation as they possibly could. Never worry to the point in which you stop moving forward in life, know that as long as you keep trying to push forward, a way will be made for you to continue your journey towards your destiny.

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2 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 024 – Don’t Miss The Sun Today Worrying About The Rain Coming Tomorrow –

  1. Ciao, Seba!
    QUESTO post mi piace molto più del precedente!
    C’è fin troppo di me in questo post, sopratutto negli ultimi giorni… per quanto una persona sia sicura di sè è normale preoccuparsi dei rischi che si corrono, ma in fondo se non ci fosse la paura di perdere che sfida sarebbe? Che stimoli potremmo mai avere per impegnarci al massimo se non ci fosse questa sorta si spettro a perseguitarci?
    Ahhh, scusa lo sfogo!
    Spero che stia procedento tutto bene lì in Giappone!
    Ti abbraccio forte!

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