Sebastiano Serafini 021 – Short Hair –

The second photo of the campaign I was shooting last weekend.

By the way on guys do you prefer long or short hair?

Please let me know ! ! !

You can find Sebastiano Serafini on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle + and Youtube as well.


4 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 021 – Short Hair –

  1. Ciao, Seba!
    Eh, Eh… capelli corti o lunghi… bella domanda! Ti ho risposto medio-lunghi su facebook e… qui confermo tutto!
    E poi dipende dal ragazzo…
    Di queste due foto preferisco quella a destra, mica per niente, ma in quella a sinistra (sarà per colpa degli occhiali? Boh!) hai un’aria… lo posso dire?… cazzuta!
    Non è proprio “alla te”!
    Un abbraccio forte forte! Ciao!

  2. The long looks better in these pictures. With a long neck and narrow face, some length on your hair is more becoming. A framework of hair is a good accent. If you were to go with short, it would need to be shorter on top as well, and not in your eyes. (I would link some pix or links here of samples, but then my post would not go through.)

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