Sebastiano Serafini FEB 2014


How are you doing?

I haven’t update my English Blog lately so sorrrrrrryyyyyy


These days I’ve been focusing a lot in modelling and my new music project.

Beside my new music project, I will also keep doing my own songs and I will release a new one on the 14th of Feb: ヒカリへ.

And on the 25th a big announcement to make.

Thank you always for all your support.

Sebastiano Serafini


5 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini FEB 2014

  1. Very happy for you – having work and doing something you love. Your new clothes are very nice – whose designs? I’m looking forward to hearing your new song. I like the two I have heard already (WTNKTD and YK). What does this mean: ヒカリへ ? I looked up a translation and it shows ‘To Hikari’. Could mean ‘light’ or an anime character or a singer? Or is it a mystery?

  2. Buona fortuna con tutti gli impegni!
    E tranquillo per gli aggiornamenti, hai un mucchio di pagine da gestire e naturale che diventi complicato aggiornarle tutte…
    Non vedo l’ora di sentire la canzoneeee!
    Buona giornata, Sebastiano!

  3. I’m doing good 🙂 you need not to worry about not being able to frequently update your wordpress blog ^^ You’re a busy person and besides I follow your daily post in your Japanese blog. Glad to hear the news! will wait for Friday to come and will be looking forward for the big announcement on the 25th too ^__^)b Your passion for work really inspires me Seba-san. Wish you all the best!

  4. Good job for you Seba,
    your new song is really nice ( still waiting for the 25th though) No need to worry as long as you don’t completely forget about your English blog ( JK :p)
    Anyways….. Happy Birthday from the US Seba have a great day and a Happy Valentine’s too!! 😀 (even though it isn’t the 14th here)
    Hope you have an amazing Day ❤ 😀
    ~ with love from some stranger in the US~ XP

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