Sebastiano Serafini and the baby


Yesterday I’ve met my makeup artist’s kid for the first time. His name is Shintaro, he is about 40days old and he is super cute.

Don’t you agree with me?

Watching small kids reminds me of my childhood. I was a happy kid and I had a lot of friends. Most of them
are still part of life and they always want to meet me whenever I go back to the small village where I was raise.

From there, thanks to my modeling, I’ve been to so many places, including Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and now Tokyo.
I’ve been lucky to meet many amazing and friendly people in all these places.

I hope I will have my own family and a kid in the future… Let’s say maybe in a decade 😉


My shooting is starting now!


Sebastiano Serafini (セヴァ)


8 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini and the baby

  1. Hello, cute Shintaro-kun! You are so adorable!

    Family is forever! They are the people who will never let you down no matter what happens.

    And having your own family is a priceless treasure! I hope you find that very lucky girl whom you will spend the rest of your life with! And have lots of beautiful and handsome little Sebas!

    Good luck on the shoot! Hurry but careful not to trip! (^_^)/

  2. This picture is so beautiful…evokes emotion…the lighting sublime…the innocence of both you and the babe. You could be the Archangel Michael holding a child with Heaven’s light surrounding you.

    Shintaro-kun is a beautiful, healthy child. In the other picture, with his eyes open, it is possible to see that his mind is already quite active – taking in whatever surrounds him. There is nothing quite like holding a new baby and there is almost nothing that can compare to the feeling when a baby falls asleep in your arms. If you get the chance to do that…do. (Of course, it is very similar to a cat falling asleep on you…but just that bit more heart-warming, because it is a tiny human.)

    I’m happy for you – that you have a happy nature and that you have true friends both old and new. If you hold your hopes and dreams for the future close in your heart and focus all you do on working toward them, you will achieve them. After all, look at all you have already accomplished. ^_^

    Thank you for sharing the baby pictures…very nice to see.

  3. Shintaro è dolcissimo, e lo è anche questa foto! 🙂
    Posso dire una cosa senza apparire troppo sdolcinata?
    Credo che un giorno te la caverai alla stra-grande con un bambino tuo, (o perlomeno è questo che mi trasmette questa foto!) gli insegnerai un mucchio di cose… come a combattere ogni singolo giorno per i suoi sogni ed a sorridere anche quando le cose non andranno benissimo, e penso che questo siano le cose più importanti, il resto spetterà a lui/lei 😉

    Ps: Buona fortuna con lo shooting! Spero che tu sia arrivato in tempo!!! 😉 Un abbraccio forte forte!

  4. A rare picture of Seba holding a baby!! *o* Shintaro kun is really cute and chubby. I wanna poke his cheeks so badly ><
    Speaking of childhood, mine was both happy and lonely at the same time but glad to know that u still had ur childhood friends around and u had a place to go back to. I'm sure that you'll be able to build your own ideal family in the near future and be a great father. I wish u all the best always 😉

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