Sebastiano Serafini Favorite Cities in the World


There are so many Cities in the world that I love and so many friends that are living all around…

Here a list of some of my favorite:

Tokyo: I’ve been living here for almost 5 years and this city is really inside heart.


Kyoto: The temples of this historical place are just magic… Also is close to another of my favorite city, Osaka.


Hong Kong: I’ve been living here for over 1 year and I have a lot of friends living here.


Phuket: beach and sunshine, what a great combination!


Los Angeles: You can find all kind of people in here and Hollywood district is great!


Vancouver: beautiful nature, good weather and a lot of nice restaurants.


Paris: impossible not to fall in love this this city…


Venezia: one of the world’s most unique city.


Firenze: old streets, historical buildings and friendly people.


My hometown… Clean air, beautiful views and my lovely cat.


There are even more amazing cities which I’ve never been and I would like to see one day…

However among all those, which one would you want to visit the most?

Sebastiano Serafini (セヴァ)


9 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini Favorite Cities in the World

  1. Bellissime tutte! Sono stata sia a Venezia che a Firenze e fino a l’anno scorso mi ero messa in testa che sarei andata a vivere a Los Angeles, un giorno, per via del fatto che lì è sempre estate…
    In quanto a una città che vorrei visitare (escludendo quelle giapponesi) direi Vienna, ci sono un mucchio di castelli da vedere! 😉

  2. I’ve been to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and love all of them very much! In seeing these pics you shared, I would want to see your hometown! It looks so beautiful! I would also love to go to Venezia, Paris, Firenze. I’ve been to Los Angeles, many times, I live in U.S. west coast. I’ve also been to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Love and blessings. xx

  3. In the world there are so many places so amaizing that it’s impossible want visit just one, but if I have to choose it will Venezia or Firenze they’re so beautiful. Yeah I played Assassin’s Creed II.

  4. Oh Paris is one of your favorite cities ! Yeahhhh !!!
    I love Firenze and Venezia, I’m already gone it’s very beautiful (I love Roma too)
    For other cities, I dream to go there. There are so many beautiful things to see in the world … I add New York to your list.
    Your hometown, it’s just waouhhh, I hope you will do me visit someday 😉
    Kiss from France

  5. They all look beautiful. My choices would be the ones that are less city-like. So, the beach and your home town with it’s beautiful pastoral appearance.

  6. which one would I want to visit the most?
    Of course,your hometown. It’s look beautiful natural and mountain. I love mountain ;] I’ve never been Japan but i wanna go to Tokyo ,Kyoto ,Hokkaido,Osaka. I think I will like all of them >///<

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