Sebastiano Serafini 013


Hirooka Naoto aka h.NAOTO, a famous designer from Japan, told me that he will make an outfit for me next year.

I was wearing this brand in a couple of occasions before, including CNNgo, Nihon TV and You2Play.

Looking forward to see his creative design in 2014.

Sebastiano Serafini (セヴァ)


10 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 013

  1. That’s great! Are you wearing h.NAOTO’s designs in these pictures? It is hard to see the clothes, because if angle and lighting. Do you have other examples?


      • Oh yes. I see. Love the neckline on that top. The clothes are striking…I like the blue accents. Are the leggings/stockings also part of the design? Or are they just an added accessory? Also, the boots! Part of the design, or accessory? (I love boots, coats and jackets. 🙂 )

        …but I do have trouble understanding the Japanese blog. I cut and paste into a translator, but I don’t think it does a good job.

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