Sebastiano Serafini Interview on koneko #60


Haven’t released any interview in a while, so I thought it was nice to share one with you around Christmas.

The interview is in German and was published on koneko #60, Dec 15th.
I will update a translation, if I find somebody who can translate it (^^)

I need to practice my German!

Believe it or not, I’ve studied this language for 6years and in my region many people are bilingual.

Which language can you speak?

I am fluent in Italian and Japanese, but I can also speak Mandarin, English and some German.

Sebastiano Serafini (セヴァ)


12 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini Interview on koneko #60

  1. I speak Filipino, of course, and English fluently.
    On second thought, I think I am more fluent in English than Filipino. Filipino, per se, is not my native tongue. Since Philippines has more than 80 different dialects (and I mean DIFFERENT that it’s like 80 different languages!), Filipino is not usually the first tongue we’d learn to speak. It’s a bit difficult actually but I am fluent in only three.

    And I know Korean (I can read, write, speak, and understand as long as it’s spoken slowly.) and Mandarin (I can only understand some. I can’t read or write it. Too difficult, the 漢字!)

    I self-taught myself German once. I think I got the basic grammar right. I definitely have to increase my German vocabulary though.

    But now, I really want to learn the Japanese language. I want to speak it fluently. I only study on my own, though, so I don’t know how long it will take me to fully learn it! でも頑張ります!私はあきらめない!セヴァさんも頑張って下さいね! 一緒に勉強しましょう!(^_^)ノ♪

    So all in all, I can speak 8 different tongues! (^_^)v

      • I know, right! But we have the standard Filipino language that everyone understands and speak. Although we use English all the time outside of home since it’s the language we use in school and business.

        And Seba-san, I really really wish you can visit the Philippines! We will be waiting for you! You have lots of fans here. I hope you can perform in the Mall of Asia next year! (^_^)

        Also, may the year 2014 will welcome you with grace and success! Have fun and enjoy your much deserved break in Italy! (^_^)/

  2. It’s cool on Christmas~~
    I will wait to read when it translate already ^v^
    I have heard European is bilingual.
    of course i can speak thai and English. I used to study Chinese because my grandfather is chinese Teochew but i forgot it all. hahaha
    Happy Xmas Eve again. What time is it in Italy? Wish u have a great time ☸ ☸ ☸ ☸ ^_^
    PS.santa-seba dont forget to bring present put on my socks tonight eiei :PP

  3. Ah, il nostro poliglotta! Una volta ho letto che i mancini hanno una predisposizione per le lingue… se riesci a tradurre bene, altrimenti va’ bene anche così! Io parlo un po’ di Inglese, e due parole di Giapponese, ma proprio due…

  4. There is a joke…and it goes like this:
    Question: What do you call someone who speaks only one language?
    Answer: American

    It is much less common for Americans to become fluent in any other languages – and I think we are spoiled by the fact that much of the world adopts English as a second language. It is sad to me, but I can’t claim fluency in any other language.

    My mother is of French descent – spoke only French until she was three. But her mother passed away at that time and then it was only English spoken in the home, so she remembers only prayers in French.

    I studied French at school for 4 years and could speak it passably, but it has been so many years, I know only a few words. I can read it a little, but I have no ear for it.

    Language fascinates me and I have tried out Spanish, Dutch, Hindi and Mandarin. That is because I wanted to talk with friends who speak those languages, but I have never become fluent in any…It’s embarrassing, really.

    My Chinese friends gave me a name. It is Xue Er…I think this is the hanzi: 雪 儿

    So, I admire anyone who can master multiple languages. I am impressed daily by all the people who respond in English – and I think how blessed they are to have this skill.

  5. hey Seba…
    parlo bene l´italiano (xD)
    il tedesco Deutsch 😉
    sono bilingue italiano-tedesco da quando ho iniziato a parlare!
    e anche con l´iglese non va male 😉
    also ich habe das Interview mit sehr viel freude gelesen und wünsche sehr viel glück und ein glückliches neues Jahr wo immer du sein wirst!

    viele grüße

  6. I can converse fluently in 4 languages: Thai, English, Tagalog, and Ilonggo(a Filipino dialect). I’m currently studying Japanese (not really good at it yet, I’m still shy speaking Japanese with 日本人 I met =///=) and I only learned some basic Italian (to be honest this language brought my grade down as I never received a full mark from my Italian prof. in my essay homeworks T^T)

    I do agree with u about German language being hard since my friends always come to me whining how hard German is =.=”

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