Sebastiano Serafini 009


My last day in Japan for this year …and tomorrow I am taking my last plane.

This year I had been in the plane 24 times!!!!

See you in Italy,

Please wish me “Buon Viaggio”

Sebastiano Serafini (セヴァ)


12 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 009

  1. You’ve been in a plane more times this year than I have been in my entire life! I think I have flown around 10 times all together.

    Will you continue to FB and blog? or take a break?

    Wishing you safe travels, happy holidays and a wonderful time with family and friends…so you return to Japan refreshed and renewed and ready for a great 2014.

  2. Buon Viaggio!!
    And Happy Christmas in Italy! \(^▽^)/
    Seba-san, how long is the flight from Japan to Italy?
    If you’ve been in a plane 24 times this year, I wonder exactly how many hours were you in the plane? 「(゚ペ)

  3. I wish you a “bon voyage” (good trip). It’s a long flight, but soon you will be with your family and Maramaura. Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !
    Don’t forget me 😉
    You will a little bit near to me too 🙂
    Kiss from France, Buon Viaggio !

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